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February 22 | Brandon Rees on Human Capital

February 28 | Bill Burckart & Meredith Miller on Systemic Stewardship

March 7 | Corey Rosen & Jack Moriarty on Leveraging Employee Ownership

March 14 | Leo E. Strine, Jr. on Lifting Labor's Voice & Stakeholder Capitalism

March 21 | Jackie Cook on Measuring and Rating ESG Performance

March 28 | Judy Samuelson on Six New Rules for Business

April 4 | David Webber on The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder

April 11 | Bruce Herbert on Changing Investor Awareness

August 8 | Scott Hirst & Adriana Robertson on Hidden Agendas in Shareholder Voting

December 1 | John Glenn Grau & Michael Levin on ESG via Universal Proxy Card